The Muslim World Biz was founded by Allahyarham Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah, who has been known as visionary Muslim leaders and as a committed businessman who worked tirelessly to provide sound strategies for the development of the Islamic economy, with Malaysia leading this progress. He is the man who made himself responsible to elevate the status of the Islamic economy. Despite all challenges, he found his way to the minds and hearts of decision makers of various industries and government agencies across the Muslim world to convince them about the importance of collaboration for the betterment of the Ummah.

Equipped with his strong will and tenacious determination to achieve his aim, he had distinctly established trusted platforms of world-class events and publications to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the Muslim leaders and boost intra-trade activities within the 57 OIC member countries. The Muslim World Biz is one of his greatest products which he nurtured carefully until it gained global recognition, where participants from many countries around the world gather every year to discuss contemporary issues and plan for future strategies. Among the other products he established are the international business and investment magazine, OIC TODAY in addition to comprehensive directories for the OIC countries focusing on Trade, Tourism, Oil and Gas, Higher Education and others.

He had spent over 30 years of his life vigorously accomplishing progressive milestones of his noble plan. The plan which aims at elevating poverty and improving standards of living in the least developed Muslim nations through genuine solidarity that embodies the real meaning of unity. This was his dream, to see a prosperous and advanced Muslim world, living in harmony. Even though he was respected by the rulers and political leaders from different Islamic countries, his vision to enhance cooperation between the OIC member countries to reap great benefits was essentially through trade and business-making processes rather than political negotiations.


The foundations of Ramcel Media Sdn. Bhd. were put strong by the Late Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abduallh. The company is set to be a premier outdoor media and has emerged to become one of the best in Malaysia’s market. The efforts of Dato’ Raja were remarkable in building up the company in a way that creates a sustainable platform for local and international clients to showcase their products and services innovatively where they will be most visible. Today, Ramcel Media has a wide range of billboards of different sizes at many locations across the country. The latest technologies are employed to build and maintain the boards, making them the preferred choice for many companies.
Because a transformational leader is someone who cares about others in the sense that success can only be achieved through collective efforts, Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah felt the responsibility to highlight the importance of cooperation between the Islamic countries so that they could benefit from the abundant resources each country has, which in turn ensures prosperity for the people living in those countries. That is why he established the OIC International Business Centre in 2003 to undertake certain activities in collaboration with a number of governmental and privately-owned organisations from different parts of the Muslim world such as the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Saudi Arabia, the Association of Arab Universities in Jordan, the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade in Morocco, the League of Arab States in Egypt and many others. In just a couple of years Dato’ Raja became well-known in many of the Islamic countries for his determination to bring people together through trade, which has a great potential to bridge the political and cultural differences in order to live together in peace and harmony. A large number of programmes have been implemented by the OIC International Business Centre including the publication of OIC TODAY magazine and many other specialised directories in addition to the organisation of the annual Muslim World Biz.
As a visionary leader who values education and he himself held a Ph.D. degree in business, Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah was determined to advocate the youth rights for all kinds of education especially in the Islamic countries, many of which have been suffering from low literacy rates. One of the ways to provide this was the establishment of OIC TODAY magazine in 2003 to disseminate updated information about business and investment within the Muslim world. The content of the magazine was made accessible free of charge for thousands of university students who study relevant courses. It has been a great way to equip graduates with sufficient practical knowledge besides the theoretical part they receive in schools. For the same purpose of acknowledging current leaders and create future leaders, Dato’ Raja also envisioned the presentation of prestigious awards the first of which was presented in his presence (Jewels of the Muslim World Awards) and another two awards were established as per his long-term vision. These two awards are The Muslim World Rania Award and the Muslim World Entrepreneur Development Award. All three awards are honoured by OIC TODAY magazine.