The Muslim World Business and Investment Zone is an annual international trade event that consists of a multi-sector exhibition zone, diversified conference zone and a number of award ceremonies. The main goal of the Muslim World Biz is to facilitate the various activities related to enhancing intra-trade activities among the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). It also acts as a comprehensive platform that promotes the growth of the Islamic economy and encourages businesses from Islamic and non-Islamic to cooperate.

The event was established in 2010 and it has been organised every year since then with active participation from many countries around the world, especially from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Except for 2012 when the event was held in Jakarta, and its activities were launched by the then president of Indonesia H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Muslim World Biz has been organised in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. This is to recognise the role Malaysia plays as a member of the OIC which promote different components of the Islamic economy.

The exhibition zone is normally occupied by companies from various industries including banking and finance, logistics and transportation, food and beverages, property development, higher education, tourism, healthcare, among others. The conference zone has grown steadily and it now comprises of the Round Table Talk, OIC-Asia Trade and Economic Forum, OIC Higher Education Conference, Muslim World Women’s Summit, World Islamic Tourism Conference, World Medical Tourism Conference in addition to the Muslim World Infrastructure and Investment Conference.

In 2011 the first Jewels of the Muslim World Award was presented in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the 2nd Muslim World Biz. A total of 59 distinct leaders received the award over the years in recognition of their contributions to the development of several sectors both domestically and internationally. In 2017 the first Muslim World Rania Award was presented in a special ceremony to honour the participation of selected women leaders whose success is inspirational. Also, to acknowledge the bravery and self-esteem of accomplished entrepreneurs, the first Muslim World Entrepreneur Development Award was presented in November 2018


The Muslim World Biz aspires to become the platform for intra-OIC trade to reach its peak pinnacle, and for the Islamic economy to be a booster for the global economy.


In order to accomplish its long term vision, the Muslim World Biz incorporates various programmes and activities that separately provide viable solutions to certain issues in particular industries, whereas they collectively contribute to the overall progress of the global Islamic economy. The diversification of these programmes as exhibition, conferences and award ceremonies is essentially to respond to varying demands and changing situations. In doing all this, the Muslim World Biz abides by the highest principals of ethical transactions which offer fair opportunities to all participants.



  1. To contribute effectively to fulfilling the OIC’s Programme of Action to achieve 25% intra-OIC trade by the year 2025.
  2. To facilitate the process of communication and collaboration between individuals and organisations from around the Muslim world.
  3. To generate effective strategies which aim to solve current issues and pave the way for future development of various industries.
  4. To acknowledge the great efforts of accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs from the Muslim world and celebrate their success.
  5. To inspire the youth and guide them to become instrumental in impacting local as well as international communities through innovation and determination.


The 1st Muslim World Biz was organised consisting of trade exhibition and trade conference.


The OIC Higher Education Conference was incorporated and the first ‘Jewels of the Muslim World Award’ was presented during the 2nd Muslim World Biz.


The 3rd Muslim World Biz was organised in Indonesia and was officiated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The World Islamic Tourism Conference was incorporated.


The Muslim World Biz returned to Malaysia with great participation from government officials, industry leaders and business professionals.


The Round Table Talk was incorporated in the event as a global leadership programme designed to bridge the gap between current and future leaders


The Founder Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah passed away, but the Muslim World Biz achieved phenomenal success to honour his legacy. The World Medical Tourism Conference was incorporated


The World Infrastructure and Investment Conference was incorporated in the Muslim World Biz, adding yet another facet to its comprehensive mission to boost the development of the marginalised OIC member countries.


The Muslim World Rania Award was presented for the first time, and the Muslim World Women’s Summit was hosted to empower women and enhance their participation in all walks of life


The 1st Muslim World Entrepreneur Development Awards were presented in a prestigious, world-class ceremony that was organised on Langkawi Island in the State of Kedah, Malaysia.