There is no doubt that women carry big responsibilities in their role of contributing to all aspects of human life. The Muslim World Rania Award is presented in recognition of the amazing efforts by great women leaders and to appreciate their feat in all sections of our life. Honoured by the business and investment magazine, OIC TODAY, the awards is presented during a special ceremony that takes place in conjunction with the annual international trade event, the Muslim World Biz.

  1. To emphasise the role women play to attain comprehensive economic development.
  2. To point out and clarify the misconceptions people have about the status of women in Islam.
  3. To present real stories of how women can be successful both at home and in business.
  4. To inspire the youth, especially girls, in their work towards utilising their due rights.
  5. To integrate the efforts of men and women based on mutual respect and understanding.
  6. To provide an avenue for women to connect and build sound strategies for future progress.

In 2017 a special forum was incorporated in the annual Muslim World Biz where the award recipients share their stories of success and how they managed to overcome different types of challenges. The Muslim World Women’s Summit is exclusive for the participation of women leaders, female entrepreneurs and women’s rights advocates who would certainly contribute to the success of the programme. Also, the award recipients usually respond to questions and enquiries by the participants to help them draw and implement workable strategies.


The word Rania is used as a female name in different parts of the world. Although its meaning varies between different languages, most meanings refer to positive attributes of successful and success-driven women. For example, in Arabic the word Rania refers to a woman who has looks up in reference to having a great mission to accomplish. It also refers to something that is prevailing and persistent. Another meaning of Rania is “Queen”. Its origin is variant of the Sanskrit name Rani. The word has other meaning in Urdu languages.

Based on this, the name of the award was selected to present to the world those women who are working hard to achieve success regardless of all challenges. It also gives the impression that women have high and remarkable positions in the community, opposite to how certain cultural practices try to portray women as inferior to men. It comes as no surprise that there are many famous and successful women in many walks of life with the name Rania, especially in the Arab world.


The Muslim World Rania Award is designed to recognise and celebrate the success of selected women in impacting people’s lives on personal, organisational, national and global platforms. The recipients exemplify excellence through outstanding behaviour and business undertakings based on the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.