Because entrepreneurship has a significant contribution to the growth of local and international economies, which rely heavily on the progress made by small businesses that are established by ambitious entrepreneurs, the Muslim World Entrepreneurship Development Award (MWEDA) is presented to enhance this contribution by rewarding the best performers and encouraging other talented young men and women to follow their footsteps.

The MWEDA is honoured by OIC TODAY magazine and its first ceremony was held in Langkawi Island, Malaysia, in November 2018. Held at a prestigious resort in the marvelous Langkawi Island, the award ceremony will be attended by government officials, heads of diplomatic missions in Malaysia, renowned investors and business leaders in addition to esteemed media representatives.

  1. Honour the achievements of entrepreneurs from various sectors.
  2. Provide an avenue for investment opportunities via networking.
  3. Motivate the youth to start their own business initiatives.
  4. Bridge the gap between business conglomerates and startups.
  5. Emphasise the need for government support to entrepreneurs.

MWEDA is classified into four different categories that cover a broad range of sectors and reward different scopes of operational, technical and strategic excellence. The rank of Al-Faris awards are presented to ambitious entrepreneurs who have showcased aspiration towards excellence. The rank of Al-Rai’d awards honour a group of the first movers in a number of industries based on superb practices. Al-Imtiyaz ranked awards are conferred upon winners with outstanding business strategies and outcomes. And the most prestigious among all rankings, Al-Taj award, is presented to reward the supremacy of those who reached the pinnacle of a predominant overall success.