The Muslim World Business and Investment Zone has become one of the sought to events by participants from different parts of the world, especially the OIC member countries. Year after year, the trade event—comprised of multi sectoral exhibitions and diversified conferences—provides new opportunities to the participants. This year with the theme ‘Spearheading Sustainable Economic Growth’ we are moving forward to achieve greater success than ever before. The event is organised in collaboration with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade, and it is supported by several authorities and government agencies in the OIC countries.

For the first time in seven years we are taking the Muslim World Biz out of Kuala Lumpur, but we are not going so far! This time the event is planned to be organised in Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah state in Malaysia. This move is part of our vision to emphasise the leading role Malaysia plays amongst the 57 OIC member countries. Langkawi is one of the important Malaysian landmarks that deserve attention of local and foreign investors alike. There are marvellous opportunities in Langkawi and we are inviting the business people to engage in constructive dialogue to finalise investment deals.

Together with our sponsors and partners we are determined to provide the ideal platform for all the participants to network, create and promote brand awareness, conclude deals and expand their businesses. The conference

zone of the 9th Muslim World Biz is expected to attract the participation of 1,500 international delegates and it consists of the Round Table Talk, the OIC-Asia Trade and Economic Forum, the OIC Higher Education Conference, the World Islamic Tourism Conference and the Muslim World Women’s Summit.

The exhibition zone will host the showcase of various product and services from around the Muslim world and beyond. The different halls will be categorised to accommodate the companies that represent several industries including banking and finance, trade and investment, higher education, information technology, manufacturing, tourism, food and beverages, healthcare and lifestyle, property development and the services sector. Companies from Islamic and non-Islamic countries have been participating due to the increased demand for Halal products and services.

Every year, the award ceremonies represent the highlight of the Muslim World Biz, where a number of the movers and shakers from different parts of the Muslim world receive the prestigious Jewels of the Muslim World Award, which honours their service to the growth of the Islamic economy and the development of the Ummah at large. Last year, we have also introduced the Muslim World Rania Award to recognise and acknowledge the effective participation of women in all walks of life. Both awards are honoured by the international business and investment magazine, OIC TODAY.

Furthermore, because of the significant contribution of SMEs and entrepreneurships to the GDP of almost every country around the world, a brand new award is introduced this year and it will be presented to a number of innovative startups from different sectors. The idea is to directly support the awarded companies and to encourage others to believe in themselves and go head to put plans into action indirectly. Besides receiving the award, these entrepreneurships will be exposed to high investment opportunities via focused networking sessions.

I look forward to meeting you at the 9th Muslim World Biz. Let us work together to attain prosperity for local and international communities

Sincerely yours,